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All rocks are hand painted and sealed with a high gloss, protective finish.

Many rocks have different paintings on it's various surfaces. You can rotate it and have a different painting whenever the mood strikes you.

marcsrocks are, They are tough and will last much longer than you will. The painting UPON the rock, however, although protected with a hard, clear finish, may nevertheless fade or chip. Placing them in your garden should not be a problem. However, marcsrocks cannot guarantee that the rock will withstand direct exposure to the elements. marcsrocks will last lifetimes, if treated more like artworks than paving stones.

Marcs Rocks


Custom Rocks

Contact me for a quote on a custom rock. If you can supply a digital image (.jpg or any standard image format) I can paint it on a rock.

Marcs Rocks

Imagine your company logo, your pet, your car, or maybe your own portrait - hand painted on a rock, which can be placed in the garden or on your desk, or, pretty much anywhere you might want to put a rock!

Price varies by size and complexity of the finished rock. Talk to me.


Sales and Customer Service

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Price on stones depend on size and complexity, and range from $20 - $300 and up. Please inquire, and don't be afraid to bargain. I aim to sell.

Custom projects are welcome. I'll paint your image on the rock of your choice from my rock pile.

See my Rock Collection.

I offer discounts. Please inquire. You wanna one-a my rocks? Or maybe ALL of them! Talk to me.

Shipping and Returns

Every effort to ensure that your rock meets your satisfaction will be made. Rocks will NOT be shipped without your approval and payment. I accept PayPal and Zelle.

After shipment, marcsrocks cannot accept returns or cancellations. Please bear this in mind when placing an order.


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